hawks vs. ham fighters

always willing watch a baseball game in person, i recently accepted an invitation to attend a game in tokyo dome. one of the companies i work for had free tickets for the staff — so on a monday night we all met at the stadium to watch the hawks, from down in southern japan, lose to the ham fighters, from northern japan. the stadium gave everyone free hawks jerseys, so it was amazing to watch the purple clad crowd cheer in unanimous  japanese baseball cheering harmony. kata-bahseh!!! means, “get a base hit!” a lot of my staff is british, so they had no idea what was going on and preferred drinking suntory premium malts, to the action of the game. no argument from me there.

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always be a traveler

i recently got a job as a stand in for a t.v. commercial. it was mind numbingly boring. sitting around for HOURS just waiting as people adjusted lights and camera angles was tedious. it would have been easy to get fed up with the boredom, but i had to force myself to zoom out and realize, “holy shit, what am i doing here? i’m sitting in a studio while a bunch of creative japanese men and women zoom around me, doing what they love.”

it’s easy to slip out of the traveler mentality after living in a place for over two years. on  the train, in the classroom, in the grocery store. it’s easy to succumb to boredom or frustration. but i’m trying to fight that urge. i’m trying to make a conscious decision about  how i react to life. instead of letting life just happen to me, or around me, i’m trying to shape how i react to it. recently i’ve been trying to zoom out more frequently, and realize just how unique my situation is. i can still be a traveler, even on the street i live on.

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yamanote line walk pt. II

sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. albert einstein said: “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

on sunday, june 2nd a group of us simply walked from takadanobaba station to tokyo station, following the train tracks of the jr yamanote line.

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yamanote line walk

do you ever get the feeling that you’re just being an idle, lazy, good for nothing slob? do you ever feel like you just have to do something, real, something visceral, something tangible?
so there is this train line in japan that goes in a circle, through all the major stations in tokyo, called the yamanote line. i decided that i wanted to walk the entire thing. it’s about 21 miles long, and i figured it would take about 10 hours or so.

a group of us got together and tried to walk it. we got about 10 stations deep, out of the 29 stations. we walked from shinagawa to takadanobaba. the death of us was going into an izakaya, eating a bunch, and playing drinking games.

oh well.

it was fun, and tangible and visceral, and i do want to finish walking the loop someday soon.

check out the pictures and notice how the crew grows as the day wears on.

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fuji rock here we come

seth and i just picked up our tickets to fuji rock, a festival tucked on the mountain slopes of nigata, japan. we’re gonna take a road trip there with a couple friends on july 29th. here are the bands i’m most excited to see. . .

http://youtu.be/WUE0f3_EaRU   m. ward

http://youtu.be/c_l8RXpYYjA    shibusashirazu orchestra

http://youtu.be/COIflzVuVOE radiohead

http://youtu.be/3F-DBo25dzI jack white

http://youtu.be/tvj_a5dwrf4 the shins

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childish blog

childish gambino is my new favorite rapper. this guy is a writer, a comedian, an actor, a rapper, and my dream job. he wrote for 30 rock and the daily show and acted on a sitcom with chevy chase. his lyrics are just vulgar enough, just nonchalant enough, and are interspersed with just enough internet puns (he got his name from the wu-tang clan name generator !!!) i’m sure if he read this, he’d say, “fuck your blog.”

and just so there’s no confusion, he’s the third rapper on this track.

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