it’s really common in japan

one of the first things that surprised me about japan was the large number of people riding bikes. from little children, to suited business men, to old grandmas. i often see three human beings stuffed onto one bike — a mom, and her two toddler children, precariously perched in specialized glorified baskets on the handlebars and rear racks of the bike.

the awesome thing about bike culture here in japan, is that there is NO bike culture.

well, not in the sense that, “yeah dude i ride a bike and it’s awesome and you’re my buddy cuz you ride one too.”

i’m sure there is some of that, but to the business man, the stay at home mom, the old lady, bikes are woven into the fabric of daily life, seamlessly, effortlessly, and without as much as a second though.

people just ride bikes, because, it makes sense.

which makes sense.

(ayumi said it best when she was sitting on my rear racks, and i was giving her a lift home, there really is nothing special about giving your friend a ride on your bike. “it’s really common in japan”)

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1 Response to it’s really common in japan

  1. cameron mcfresh says:

    I hear it’s common to bet on track bike races. that seems special and awesome.

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