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i try to stay light footed.

always willing watch a baseball game in person, i recently accepted an invitation to attend a game in tokyo dome. one of the companies i work for had free tickets for the staff — so on a monday night we … Continue reading

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always be a traveler

i recently got a job as a stand in for a t.v. commercial. it was mind numbingly boring. sitting around for HOURS just waiting as people adjusted lights and camera angles was tedious. it would have been easy to get … Continue reading

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yamanote line walk pt. II

sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. albert einstein said: “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” on sunday, june 2nd a group of us simply walked from takadanobaba station to tokyo station, following the train … Continue reading

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yamanote line walk

do you ever get the feeling that you’re just being an idle, lazy, good for nothing slob? do you ever feel like you just have to do something, real, something visceral, something tangible? so there is this train line in … Continue reading

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fuji rock here we come

seth and i just picked up our tickets to fuji rock, a festival tucked on the mountain slopes of nigata, japan. we’re gonna take a road trip there with a couple friends on july 29th. here are the bands i’m … Continue reading

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